Monday, March 23, 2009

Photos in the Park - 4 of 6

The photos were taken at Tierra Verde Lake Park in Litchfield Park, Arizona. This was an extremely fun group of people. They were a delight to take photos of. The shoot was a breeze and you can just see the fun on their faces. The following rave review was sent to me today.

"Who knew family photos could actually be, dare I Since my early days, I've been an avid tree-climber but I never imagined it would be captured on film w/ my family joining me! I felt like the Swiss Family Robinson. That was just one of the enjoyable moments we laughed about during our shoot. One thing that also tickled us was the repore you and your husband/assistant/flashmaster, Steven, had with both each other and our family. I think the relationship between photographer and client is the most important thing. We were constantly entertained and the laughter & smiles came quite naturally. You & Steven created positive energy, putting us at ease and making us feel comfortable. You were also able to work with my serial blinker sister and actually capture some great shots of all us with our eyes open! And the pictures? Completely AMAZING! The results were presented incredibly professionally and the pictures were outstanding (how awesome is that metallic finish?!!) We had such a blast viewing them on the DVD and selecting our favorite poses. Our family is the epitome of satisfied customers and will gladly be promoting your work to any & all who are interested. Thank you again for creating tangible memories for us!"

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